Scrubbers 2 Pack

$3.99 inc. GST.

The day has gone for the icky spread of germs in your home! The Simply Clean Kitchen and Bathroom Printed Scrubbers prevent mistakes like scrubbing the dishes with the floor sponge or worse scrubbing your baby’s feeding tray with the bathroom scrubber. Each scrubber is labelled and colour coded so everyone knows which scrubber to use for each specific area of the house. Replace the scrubbers every two weeks or when needed. Help protect your family from the risks of bacteria. And for your convenience, they are machine washable and reusable. Take care to wash separately with non-linting articles. And please AVOID bleach, fabric softener or the dryer.

Caution: Test on inconspicuous area first as trapped particles may scratch.

Simply Beautifully Clean.


^All Prices shown are in NZ Dollars.