Hello and welcome, we are Simply Clean!

Our mission is to help you create the beautiful home you want by using the best products on the market for a price everyone can afford that guarantee to keep your home hygienic and safe!

Hi, I'm Vicki and I created Simply Clean.

My story began with me having 3 children under 17 months, a dog and a house renovation in full swing, when I had an idea. Generous people would come and help me and I was so grateful for their help. But... I'd see cleaning sponges being used in all sorts of areas on all manner of surfaces. Eek! The floor sponge was used to wipe down our baby’s feeding tray, and I can't even tell you where I found the toilet sponge being used!

And it seemed that I was the only one who knew which sponge I used for the floor, and which one I used for the toilet. But no one else did. Finally I got sick of hearing my own voice explaining over and over again, “No, no... that sponge is for the floor, not the baby's feeding tray"… "No, no that one is for the kitchen bench, not the toilet.” 

So I had my challenge: How does anyone know which cleaning cloth or sponge to use without me telling them?

Then I had my lightbulb moment... and the solution was so simple it surprised even me! And so began Simply Clean, cleaning products that are colour coded and labelled so everyone knows which one is to be used where. It's cleaning made beautifully simple!

I can't wait to share more of my story and amazing ways to use your Simply Clean products!

Vicki, CEO & Founder of Simply Clean

Simply Beautifully Clean.

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