Spray Duster

$14.99 inc. GST.

Ever look at your dusty blinds and thought no, too hard? Well those days are over! Our Simply Clean Spray Duster makes cleaning quick, easy, and maybe even a little bit fun. Our eco-friendly spray duster is ideal for dusting, cleaning blinds, appliances and furniture. Plus it's gentle around your delicate items. The natural cleaning powers of the microfibre pad attracts and traps dust. When you are done dusting, simply remove the microfibre pad, wash clean and reuse. And for your convenience, they are machine washable and reusable. Take care to wash separately with non-linting articles. And please AVOID bleach, fabric softener or the dryer.

Directions for use: Simply unscrew the handle cap and fill with water or your favourite cleaning solution. Close, spray and clean. Use the Microfibre Pad to remove dirt and dry the surface. Use wet or dry.

Simply Beautifully Clean.


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